Office clothing

A modern purposeful woman, striving to make a career, constantly experiences the close attention of her colleagues and partners. This situation requires it to always be on top not only in professional terms. The appearance of a woman plays an important role in her successful career growth.

General rules for choosing clothes for the office

First of all, costume fabrics: the office style of clothing assumes a purely woolen fabric or with a low content of synthetics. They should be matte, smooth. Quite appropriate tweed, tight jersey, thin cotton. Office wear for women does not allow transparent or shiny fabrics, lace. Linen clothing is undesirable, because it strongly crumples during socks and looks sloppy.

The style of clothing in the office requires exceptionally calm shades: gray, white, black, brown, blue, burgundy, green.

The length of the skirt is medium. Shoes for office - closed. An open heel is allowed, but this should not be flip-flops. The heel is firm, not very high. The abundance of decor and extravagant shoes of bright colors are not allowed in a business suit.

Basic things for an office wardrobe

Summer office clothing for women should be as easy as possible, comfortable. A great option is a white suit made of fine cotton with trousers or a skirt. Under the fitted short jacket with a sleeve three quarters, you can pick up several tops of pale pink, green, blue hues or classic black. Also, the office style of clothing for women involves cotton or silk blouses, plain or thin striped.

Office clothing for girls for the summer is a dress made of cotton, flax with the addition of synthetics, which allows natural fabrics not to crumple. The basic rules - closed shoulders, lack of decollete. A classic version of a summer office dress is a dress case. It can be monophonic, as well as combined from several tissues. Thin girdle, medium-sized ornaments diversify enough laconic outfit.

This season, the English office style of clothing for girls is relevant. To create such an image suitable for black trousers, white shirt and black vest. Emphasize the elegance of the business image of a tie. In cold autumn weather, you can put on a trench coat on the top.

Stylish office clothing for girls is not always a black bottom and white top. A gray, blue or beige skirt is possible.

An alternative to classic white can be any pastel shade. As for the cut of skirts, then for full women, a tulip skirt is just below the knee, with a slightly high waist. Thin girls of this type of skirt, the length of the knee or slightly higher, visually add roundness. The skirt-tulip goes well with blouses, turtlenecks, tops. A jacket, cardigan or coat to such a model is better to select shortened or worn unbuttoned, thus retaining a refined silhouette.

Stylish office clothing can not do without a universal pencil skirt in combination with a blouse or turtleneck. On top of this set in the cool season, you can wear a fitted jacket. Girls with wide hips are better to choose a style of a tulip skirt with an overstated waist. The fabric should be dark colors, dense. The beauty of slender hips will be emphasized by a pencil skirt made of softer fabrics, light shades.

Fashionable office wear for women is, first of all, style and elegance. Despite the strict dress code, a business suit should emphasize the dignity of a woman, as well as express her personality.