Jesse James published scandalous posts on Twitter about Sandra Bullock and members of the "Women's March"

The American motorcycle designer, TV host and actor Jesse James, whom many know as the ex-spouse of film star Sandra Bullock, caused a storm of indignation among Internet users with her posts on the social network. Jesse criticized the participants of the "Women's March", which was held last Saturday in Washington, New York and many capitals of European countries, and also unflatteringly spoke about the 52-year-old Bullock.

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

Jesse has always been a scandalous presenter

Those who follow the work of 47-year-old James, know that he is criticized by quite a few famous people. This time, he decided to "award" a commentary on the Twitter rally participants against Donald Trump called "Women's March", writing about them such words:

"I do not understand all these people who came out in pink caps, chanting incomprehensible chants and slogans. For all, it would be much more useful if they cared so much for the destitute, the veterans and the homeless. And they, besides, how to go out into the streets and take care of themselves only do not know how to do anything else. "
Jesse James

This is not a very flattering post strongly affected many, but there were also those who supported Jesse. For a day, his message "lisknulo" about 8 thousand people, and this is not liked by the participants of the "Women's March." One of the girls decided to enter into a conversation with the "genius of motorcycles" and to shame James for his words, answering him like this:

"I think it would be very cool if you were more concerned about your wives, and not about who would have to skirt again to change it"
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Unexpected denouement shocked fans Bullock

Many believe that it was this message that contributed to the fact that the correspondence moved from the political channel to personal. Apparently this post hurt Jesse for the living, because he wrote these words:

"Infidelity, darling, was mutual. You can not even imagine that your adored actress, whom you looked at with tears in your eyes, could change me. "
Jesse accused the ex-husband of treason

By the way, the famous actress Bullock married the TV presenter Jesse James in 2005. From the side, their alliance seemed ideal until the sensational news of Jesse's constant betrayal appeared in the media. This happened in March 2010, and a month later the documents for divorce, initiated by Sandra, were submitted to the court. Almost immediately after that, in well-known American magazines appeared James's interview in which he confessed to the betrayal of Bullock and took all the blame for the destruction of the marriage to himself.