Khaki Trousers

Practicality and reliability are indispensable qualities in the everyday bow of a modern fashionista. After all, girls often lead an active lifestyle today. Therefore, they just need to 100% feel comfortable and confident throughout the day. And, of course, in the first place, such features are determined by clothing. To date, designers make a big accent in the fashion collections of any wardrobe style on practicality. But it is also important that the chosen model be universal. Gathering together all of the above qualities, they can be unconditionally traced in women's khaki trousers. First, such an option already in itself provides for convenience. It is in trousers most often active and energetic women go today. Secondly, the protective coloring is universal for any circumstances, weather conditions and type of appearance. In addition, for several consecutive seasons female khaki pants in the trend. Let's see the most popular models?

Cargo-colored khaki trousers . A classic choice of protective color are models from natural dense cotton with patch pockets of comfortable medium-sized planting. Khaki and cargo are a universal combination. After all, both color and style initially belonged to a practical army wardrobe.

Corduroy trousers khaki . Very unusual and beautiful gray-marsh shade looks on corduroy. These trousers are presented both in a wide and tight fitting. Such a choice will be indispensable in the demi-season wet season of rains and slush.

Pants-chinos of khaki color . Convenient casual style designers simply could not help but imagine in a protective shade. After all, the combination of chinos and khaki colors is practical, stylish and original. Such a men's choice will further emphasize the femininity and fragility of its possessor.

With what to wear female khaki pants?

Despite the fact that female khaki trousers are considered universal clothing, when choosing a wardrobe it is worth considering what to wear them. A stylish and original solution will be a romantic image. In this case, light tunics and blouses of delicate shades of colored pastels - lemon, peach, milk will be appropriate. The monophonic ensemble is today in a trend. In a combination of trousers khaki and shirts of protective color, stylists suggest adding a bright note, namely red shoes. Also, universal models look great with denim clothing - a shirt, jacket, vest. And be saturated, but not flashy, the top of the color of Bordeaux or Marsala in combination with the laconic color of the trousers will help you.