Rip curl

Rip curl - one of the most famous brands in the world, engaged in the production of sportswear for surfing, water and winter sports . Bright design, causing colors, the use of high-tech materials - all this is so attractive in clothes and accessories of this company.

History of the brand Rip curl

The Australian company Rip curl was formed in 1969 by two surfing friends: Brian "Sing Ding" Singer and Doug "Claw" Warbrick in the small town of Torquay. It is located not far from the famous town, attracting those who are keen on skating on board, from all corners of the world - Bells Beach. Initially, the friends organized the company to produce surfboards, but then began the production of sportswear - this was the first step to the fame of the company.

The history of the name of the company is unusual. If to translate literally, then "Rip curl" stands for "Rvy! Twist! ". It was this inscription that flaunted on the beloved board of the founder of the brand Doug Warbrick. And next to her was the second inscription "Hot Dog!" And although later Dag himself admitted that there was no profound meaning in the two inscriptions, however, it was the cry "Rwy! Turn! "Became a kind of reflection of the brand concept. Her clothes are designed for permanent seekers, breaking the bonds of everyday life and wanting to reach records in what they do.

If we talk about the philosophy of the brand, then it reflects perfectly the two mottos used in the advertising companies of the brand. First: "The path is endless! Start looking! "- speaks about those who are destined for clothes and accessories of the company: eternal dreamers and seekers, those who lead an active lifestyle and try to see and learn as much as possible. The second motto is a statement burning about the high quality of manufactured goods and the immense confidence that customers give their beloved brand, because it was invented by really professionals. It sounds like this: "Made by surfers. Made for surfers. "

The current stage of development of the brand Rip curl

The first experiments with clothing Rip curl are associated with the development and improvement of existing technologies for the production of wet suits. Later in the company's lineup there appeared a variety of clothes for water sports, as well as accessories. For example, glasses and Rip curl bags are very popular, which differ not only in strength and high quality, but also with a bright, unusual design.

Later, technologies were developed for the production of clothing for winter sports. However, the current state of the fashion industry, interest in healthy lifestyles and active recreation, as well as the coming into fashion of such a trend as "sports chic," made things of this Australian brand interesting to a wide range of people, not just surfers and divers. The designers of the brand also did not stand aside, starting to produce fashionable clothes for active urban residents. Now many girls dream of a dress or bathing suit Rip curl, in which you can not only show off to your girlfriends, but also demonstrate your tanned, tanned and trained body. To move around the city in the hot season the shorts, T-shirts and sneakers Rip curl are the best. After all, the processing technology of the material perfectly removes moisture, allowing the skin to breathe, and the bright design makes this kit memorable and very stylish.

Now Rip curl shops can be found almost all over the world. They are also often represented by other well-known brands that produce clothing for sports, beach recreation and surfing. The emissaries of the brand at various times became many famous athletes. It is worth remembering, for example, Dina Burdy, Matthew Collier, Alan Blanchard.