T-shirts 2016

Women's T-shirt - one of the most relevant and at the same time comfortable items of the upper part of the wardrobe in fashion 2016. This garment is universal and differs in comfort, for which women of fashion so love it. In 2016, stylists combine popular models of T-shirts in a variety of ensembles in the style of kazhual. A simple and at the same time very practical wardrobe element is great for jeans and denim overalls, knitwear products - skirts, trousers, sarafans, as well as to unusual and original things, such as a skirt-tutu. In addition, according to the stylists, T-shirts must necessarily enter the basic summer wardrobe of 2016. After all, the variety of fashion models is so great that it is different every day and at the same time feel comfortable and comfortable will not be difficult.

The most fashionable T-shirts 2016

In the summer of 2016, T-shirt fashion accentuates not only stylish design, but also the most favorable heat for the cut. In this season, you definitely will not die of stuffy air, as the current models are maximally open and free. Let's see what t-shirts are offered by designers for the hot season of 2016?

Free cut . In the season of 2016 one of the most fashionable styles is the overuse model. Loose wide t-shirts of an elongated cut perfectly complement the image with tight trousers and narrow jeans, shorts, leggings and elk.

Asymmetry . T-shirts of uneven cut are also actual. Models on one shoulder are still at the peak of popularity.

Shortened models . The trend of the 2016 season was fashionable T-shirts-tops. At the same time, designers offer such a style in a loose cut, which emphasizes the beautiful tummy and hides the chest.

Fashion prints on T-shirts 2016

Speaking about the fashionable colors of T-shirts 2016, it is worth noting that monochrome models and a variant of a combination of shades are also in fashion, but the most popular trend is still prints.

Heroes of cartoons . One of the most relevant elections in 2016 is a T-shirt with the image of "toon". In this fashion and the characters of domestic cartoons, and the characters of Disney, Pixar, Dream Works and others.

3D prints . The most fashionable are t-shirts with a visually volumetric pattern. The popular 3D prints of 2016 were animalistic themes, space and theme of summer landscapes.

Black and white portrait . Passed from last season's trend is the image of individuals in the negative. It does not matter whose portrait is adorned with your fashionable T-shirt - a star or a complete stranger.