With what to wear a white dress?

To understand "dislike" for a white dress is simple, if a woman does not suffer from a lack of weight. But, if you have nothing to hesitate about your forms, then the experience that a white dress is impractical is not worth discussing. A dress of white color will always win in the palette of dresses, because the aristocracy of this color can not be eclipsed. Want to feel like a queen - choose white!

Long white dresses are worn not only by the bride. Refined people like to have evening dresses of white color in their wardrobe. But it is worth remembering to look spectacular in such a dress, you should "dilute" the white with accessories of a different color (otherwise there is a risk of turning into a "colorless mole"). White dresses on the floor are an excellent choice for a solemn occasion. Successful color compositions will help to set the necessary "character" for the image:

  1. White with black - this is undoubtedly a luxurious classic! Particularly good elements are made of black lace. To a white dress, choose jewelery with black stones, a modest clutch - and get a very restrained image, suitable for a business meeting.
  2. White and red - innocence and passion. Such an ensemble is considered extravagant and will suit the image of a "woman-vamp".
  3. White and gold. Perhaps, the most successful combination for the royal person. Gold trim, jewelry made of gold or its imitation is a smart addition to white.
  4. White and pink. Want to try on the image of a Barbie doll? The most suitable option is a white dress in combination with a pink dress. A real doll!

White color is so "communicative" that successful combinations can be listed for a long time. Armed with a sense of proportion, a mirror, and try. And to choose shoes for a white dress is not difficult!

Shoes for white dress

In the matter of choosing shoes, color is not even important, but the nature of the upcoming event. What kind of shoes to choose a white dress? Here, the choice depends more on where you are going:

  1. To the office. To work a very good option will be shoes black boat . Very elegant look beige shoes complete with a white suit or dress.
  2. Evening option. To a white evening dress shoes of bright colors on a hairpin are good. One of the most successful options is the combination of red shoes with a white dress - looks incredibly chic!
  3. To walk. For walks on weekdays, pick up simply comfortable shoes that fit well with your favorite dress.

A girl in a white dress always looks gentle, romantic and feminine. Should I give up this outfit because of fear of messing up? Of course not!