80-year-old Queen of Norway Sonya strolled through the forest with migrants

Queen of Norway Sonia, who, by the way, on July 4 turned 80, continues to amaze her subjects and fans. Yesterday it became known that the wife of King Harald V went on a walk through the forest, which is located near the town of Drammen. This trip was organized in order to get acquainted with visitors who recently moved to live in Norway. Company Sone were women migrants, who numbered several dozen people.

Queen Sonia with the migrants

Story about cultural traditions and familiarity with the kitchen

In 2012, the question arose in Norway that migrants can not quickly integrate into this country. Then the idea arose to get acquainted with the culture of Norway, traditions and values. In 2013, the royal family of this country decided to create a company called the Norwegian Trekking Association, which will deal with migrants. In the same year, the first cultural campaign of Queen Sonja took place with the people who moved to this country.

Queen Sonia

Pictures from yesterday's march indicate that the tradition of hiking with Her Majesty has been successful. Queen Sonya not only walked a few kilometers with a backpack on her shoulders, but also answered the questions of women next to her. In addition, the migrants were offered to familiarize themselves with a short excursion about the surroundings in which the hike was taking place, as well as about the country as a whole. After the queen and her companions arrived at the stopping place, they were in for a surprise. The organizers managed to prepare a small dinner for women, which consisted of dishes of national cuisine.

Queen Sonya during the hike

After the meal was over, Sonya said a few words about this event to reporters:

"I see how difficult it is for these women and their families to adapt to the conditions of our country. That is why we must do our utmost to help emigrants and help in various matters. And if at the legislative level this problem is more or less solved, then at the level of everyday communication there are a lot of open topics. First of all, this is a matter of culture and religion. A lot of Muslim families come to our country and they find it difficult to establish their daily life in Norway. Such trips allow us to introduce visitors not only to the country, but also to each other. I think that such meetings are priceless. "
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Queen Sonia is a long-time tourist

In Norway, subjects do not just love their queen, but adore her. In many respects it is a merit of the active lifestyle of Her Majesty and assistance in promoting programs aimed at improving the existence of the population. In addition, the queen is an avid tourist who regularly participates in mountain and forest trekking. For such a love of walking, the Association of Hiking in Norway has installed Her Majesty a monument of bronze, depicting Queen Sonia on a rock with a backpack at her feet.

The Queen is an avid tourist