Jim Parsons and Todd Spivak got married

Jim Parsons, famous after the role of theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper in the series "The Big Bang Theory", which brought him the "Emmy" and the coveted star on the Walk of Fame, is no longer a bachelor. The actor married his long-time boyfriend graphic designer Todd Spivak.

Ties of marriage

Another gay couple of Western show business legalized their relationship. 44-year-old Jim Parsons and his partner Todd Spivak after the 14-year-old novel on Sunday officially became a husband and wife.

Jim Parsons and Todd Spivak

The representative of the actor has already confirmed the information that showed in the media, but did not disclose the details of the celebration. Presumably they signed in Massachusetts.

Cuming out

About the fact that he prefers to twist love with men, Parsons openly announced in May 2012, telling about his secret lover, who at that time was in close relationships for 10 years. According to the American actor, the meeting with Todd, whom he met on a blind date, is the best thing that happened to him in life.

Jim Parsons and Todd Spivak

The actor did not hide that he was afraid to voice his non-traditional orientation because of fear of harming his career in the cinema. After the cum-out Todd is a companion of Jim at all events, while they rarely publish joint photos in social networks, while maintaining privacy.

Jim Parsons with Todd Spivak at the opening ceremony of the name star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood
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According to the insider, the couple thought about the heir (especially the actor insists on it). Whether these adopted children or children born by the planed mother are not known reliably.