Fashionable rings 2015

In the fashionable season of 2015 in the trend of large jewelry, which is clearly visible from a distance of 10 meters. Rings are no exception. Most designers have decorated their collections with massive rings of a wide variety of shapes and shades.

Stylish rings 2015

In this season, the decorations on the fingers rather resemble the decorative design of brushes, rather than rings as such. These, let's say, jewelry compositions can be clearly seen in the collections of Proenza Schouler FW, Marni, Nina Ricci and other fashion houses.

At the same time, different designers made different accents, for example, in Nina Ricci, the main feature of the rings is their compatibility with clothing in color, and Marni again meets a decorative triptych that hardly resembles a classic ornament.

In this case, in 2015, the rings can take the form of both round and oval, and square and rectangular. The main thing is that there is a large stone in them. Although Salvatore Ferragamo does not have any stones at all, but, nevertheless, the jewelry from the collection is by no means miniature.

As for the number of rings on one hand, then the stylists disagree, and some consider it appropriate to wear several contrasting ornaments at the same time, while others tend to show that all rings should be in the same style (Nina Ricci).

Fashionable gold rings 2015

If we talk about gold jewelry, then there are more romantic variants of rings in the fashion - in the form of hearts, butterflies, leaves, and the like. And their size can be different depending on the preferences of the lady and the financial capabilities of her chevalier.

If you like luxury and shock, choose bright and bright gold ornaments. If the stones are inserted in the rings, they should be saturated colors - blue, red, green, orange.