The outfit of Katy Perry from Prada caused admiration from the singer's fans

Yesterday, 32-year-old singer Katy Perry was seen paparazzi in New York. The performer came to the rehearsal of such a legendary event as Met Gala-2017, which was held under the close supervision of the editor of Vogue glamor Anna Vintur. Met Gala, which is also called the "Ball of the Costume Institute" - is one of the most important events in the fashion world. That is why, even at the preliminary run of the event, all the celebrities invited to it are in the outfits of the latest collections of popular brands. Do not violate this rule and Perry, appearing at a meeting with Anna Wintour in a suit from Prada.

Katy Perry

Dress with feathers in oriental style

Katy Perry arrived at the event rather late. Paparazzi managed to photograph the performer at the moment when she left the car and headed for the Costume Institute. For rehearsal, Cathy chose a chic suit in oriental style of blue tones from the fashion house Prada. The outfit consisted of an elongated jacket with a side clasp, as well as straight trousers with a length of 7/8. Both products were decorated with feathers, however, on the sleeves of the jacket they were light, and on the trousers black. The image of Kathy was supplemented by long shiny earrings-chains, a small elegant purse of red color with a print in the form of a girl in a kimono, and also black lacquered sandals with high heels.

Perry arrived at the rehearsal for Met Gala-2017

Separately, I want to say about the makeup and hairstyle that Anna Wintour Perry chose to meet with Anna. On the face of the celebrity struck bright evening make-up, which included a blue-brown shadow, a black stroke on the eyes and a red lipstick. With regards to the hairstyle, now Katie has one style - neatly laid out a short haircut and a light hair color.

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Fans are delighted with what they saw

After the photos with Perry hit the Internet, the fans overwhelmed the social networks of the singer with laudatory reviews. Here are some words you could read about the new image of Katty: "After Perry broke up with Bloom, she changed. It looks simply luxurious! "," I always really liked Kathy, and this image of hers is simply gorgeous. I'm delighted! "," I adore Perry and her new image. I really want this costume from Prada. In general, now she looks much better than when she met Bloom, "etc.

So Perry looked when she met Bloom