Corner table for kitchen

Ordinary rectangular or round table tops perfectly perform their role in spacious rooms. They are better to be located by a large company, noting various family events. But a completely different situation in the Khrushchev, small families or other living quarters, where it is difficult to create comfortable conditions. This is more suitable furniture with a triangular or L-shaped table top, as well as folding items or tresformery. Corner cabinet and a corner table in such a kitchen will enhance amenities, such furniture will less interfere with moving in a narrow space.

What are the corner dining tables for the kitchen?

  1. Corner table for built-in kitchen furniture.
  2. This particular version of the kitchen set allows you to most effectively place all the necessary items of furniture in a small area. Instead of cumbersome portable tables for work and food intake, a solid corner table top is used here, which is often combined with a window sill. It can be of various shapes, sometimes protruding slightly inwards and used as a bar counter , serve to separate the working area and the dining room . On one part of such an original countertop, the landlady has the opportunity to part the products, and on the other - to engage in serving.

  3. Corner table cabinet for kitchen.
  4. Two variants of such furniture are possible - corner curbstones, which are an integral part of a kitchen set of several items, or stand-alone curbstones with a corner table top. There are extremely convenient options for a kitchen island with several tables. For example, when the upper part of it is a working area with a sink and a stove, and for a meal on the other side of the kitchen a small corner table of MDF or other practical material is attached to the curbstone.

  5. Corner glass table for the kitchen.
  6. There are a lot of triangular tables made of wood, plastic, particleboard or MDF, but always the most interesting and modern look is the objects of transparent glass. By the way, the design of such items can be varied, so you should be guided by where your purchase will be installed. For example, a similar table can be placed on a permanent place directly in the corner of the room or push it close only with one side to the wall or to high furniture. In this case, the faces adjoining the walls must be straight so as to save space as much as possible, and also to prevent the falling of small objects. The outer side of the triangle may have a radius shape, which will slightly increase the area of ​​the countertop. When you plan to operate a corner table for the kitchen in the middle of the room, having chairs from all its sides, then freely buy items, both with even sides, and with slightly curved edges.