Postal Bag

Practically in every new collection of accessories you can see stylish women's mail-bags, which are considered to be one of the most popular and universal ones. They are indispensable for fashionistas at any time of the year, as they harmonize with all styles of clothing. The uniqueness of the accessory of this model is that the messenger bag can be everyday, and sports, and glamorous, and even school. It depends on the type of material used, sizes and decor.

Variety of models

Despite the fact that the classic "postman" is a rectangular bag, which has a long strap and a large clasp on the front, designers do not stop experimenting, creating all new modifications to this accessory. If the school mail bags are models made mainly of textiles, models from the skin, decorated with rhinestones, perforations, embroidery or stones, can become a bright finishing touch of the evening image. And what a luxury can be mail-bags made of genuine leather! They are so refined and elegant that they are quite appropriate as a supplement to a strict business suit. The handbag can be small or large, with a wide or thin strap, square or rectangular, leather or textile - no matter what option you choose, you can say with certainty that convenience and practicality are assured to you.

By the way, leather and textile mail bags are the favorite accessories of the great couturier Yves Saint Laurent . Maestro of the fashion world is sure that these cute and practical handbags are able to give any girl a special mannerisms. Do not pay attention to the beautiful girl who strolls along the street with an exquisite miniature clutch-mail post with a chain instead of a strap, it's simply impossible!