Celery celery - growing from seeds

Celery celery is known for its useful properties, it is used to make medicines. Recently, the cultivation of this culture is becoming more widespread. For those who are first engaged in this issue, it will be interesting to learn how to properly grow cherepkovy celery from seeds?

How to prepare celery seeds for planting?

The peculiarity of the seeds of petioled celery is that their germination increases with age. From this it can be concluded that more robust seedlings will come from seed packages that have been stored for several years.

There are two options for preparing celery seed for planting:

  1. Bubbling in water saturated with oxygen during the day. To do this, use an aquarium microprocessor. The seeds are then etched for a further 45 minutes in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. Another option would be seed dressing for 45 minutes in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate and then soaking for 18 hours in an epine solution (2 drops of epine per 100 ml of room temperature water).

How to plant celery seeds on seedlings?

Planting of celery seeds on seedlings is carried out in early March. To do this, prepare containers filled with a slightly moistened substrate. On the surface of the soil, the seeds are evenly distributed and slightly pressed into the soil. The capacity must be covered with a film or glass to create a greenhouse effect.

Seeds will germinate for about three weeks. During this time, it is necessary to provide proper care, which consists of regular watering by spraying, keeping the room warm at the air temperature and airing the seedlings.

Transplanting of seedlings in the open ground is carried out in May. It is carried out according to the scheme of 25x25 cm. The soil after embedding should be confused with straw or sawdust.

Planting Celery Seedlings

If you use the method of planting celery chereshkovogo seeds directly into the open ground, then this process should be carried out in late April - early May. Planting seedlings of celery must be made in an open area with good drainage and fertile soil. An obligatory condition is the introduction of compost or manure before planting, as well as soil moistening.

Planting is done by pushing the seeds into the ground with minimum effort. Celery celery needs to be applied to the soil with nitrogen fertilizers.

Knowing certain features will help you in carrying out the process of growing celery celery from seeds.