An extravagant dress-tutu came to us from such an exquisite kind of art as ballet. The features of this model are very simple: a tight bodice and a short skirt consisting of 6-15 layers of lightweight fabric.

Today is not so popular a classic version of this dress, as some of its elements, for example, the pack itself. So, dresses with a pack broke into the evening and wedding fashion. Collections with the participation of this model began to appear on the fashion podiums more and more often.

Bridal dresses packs

In 2013, Asos brand introduced a short dress with a skirt a pack of sleeveless in gently pink tones. At the same time, the bodice was embroidered with rhinestones and decorated with loose stones. The designers of the company chose a shade of dress that would perfectly emphasize the beautiful tan, thereby emphasizing that this is an exceptionally summer model.

The leader in the wedding fashion brand Papilio for several seasons in a row includes in their collections wedding dresses with tutus. In 2007, the brand produced a stunning model, in which the skirt consisted of two parts:

  1. Before decorating a skirt-tutu.
  2. At the back was a beautiful train.

This combination of luxury and extravagance was unexpectedly organic and attracted the attention not only of women, but also of competitors. Since then, some brands have dared to present their collections of dresses with combined skirts, some of which have been very successful. Thus, a black dress with a bundle leaked even in the collection of the famous Albert Ferutti, who avoids bright, unexpected elements.

In the latest collections, the Fashion House Uniqlo offered the girls an evening dress-tutu at the graduation in beige tones without sleeves and straps. The bust was decorated with large stones, which were located on two side seams. This, at first glance, modest dress has a fairly effective appearance, while it has nothing to do with pretentiousness and eccentricity.