Museum of Microminiature

One of the famous attractions of Andorra is the Museum of Microminiature, which is located in the resort of Ordino . In this museum visitors can admire the creations of the famous microminiaturist Nikolai Syadristy. The exhibition really captivates everyone who visits it. Exhibits can not be seen with the naked eye. Tiny sculptures total 13, their author created with the help of gold and platinum, as well as improvised objects (a sheet of paper, thread, grain, etc.).

In total there are two Museums of Microminiatures in the world. Of course, the second is in Kiev - the hometown of Syadristy. The most interesting thing is that in Andorra the originals of the works are on display, and in Kiev - the exact copies that appeared in it a year later than in the Museum of Microminiatures of Andorra. "A miniature exhibition should be in a miniature country" - as expressed by Nikolai Syadristy at the opening of his extraordinary museum.

Exhibits of the museum

As already mentioned, in the Museum of Microminiature of Andorra exhibited 13 exhibits Syadristy. The master took more than six months to make one creation. The most difficult and valuable is the "shoddy flea" - a golden flea of ​​natural size, which Nicholas managed to shoe. In addition to this exhibit, the author was able to exactly repeat all the details of the eclectic motor, which is 20 times less than the poppy seed. Admire visitors and prayer that is written on horsehair, "Rose in the Hair", "Caravan", portraits of Santa Maria (3.9 mm) and the Pope. Children especially like microminiature chess, a scene on a wheat seed "Fox and Grapes", "Swallow's Nest". The author amazed the whole world with his gift of engraving and painting.

Thanks to this exhibition, Nikolai Syadristy was nicknamed the best microminiaturist in the world, and also "by the same token" by Leskov from the fairy tale. All of his microminiatures are estimated at tens of thousands of dollars, but the author refuses to sell them, because, he said, art should belong to the people.

Each masterpiece of the exhibition in the Museum of Microminiatures of Andorra is under a glass dome on a stable pedestal. Any displacement of the installation from the site or a small push can destroy the microminiature, so only 10 visitors enter the museum. The ability to see the exhibits is provided by the microscopes that are installed opposite each miniature.

The mode of work and the road to the museum

The Museum of Microminiatures in Andorra is open daily.

Opening Hours:

The ticket price to the Museum is 4 euros, children - 3.5.

One of the most interesting museums of Andorra is in the center of the resort of Ordino . To get there, you can take a shuttle bus SnoBus, which makes a stop near the resort or come by car on the highway CG3. Together with this museum, we also recommend visiting the tobacco museum , the museum of cars and the Casa de la Val .