Breastfeeding on demand

In recent years, doctors have returned to the recommendations of our ancestors to feed newborns on demand. This is the most natural for the mother and baby regime, and it is he who ensures successful breastfeeding . Many young mothers have heard about the benefits of breastfeeding on demand, but few realize what it is. Most people think that it is necessary to apply the baby to the breast when he cries. Many listen to the advice of moms and grandmothers, who warn them against frequent feeding and believe that the regime is useful for the child.

A lot of disputes are also among doctors about feeding on demand: many are in favor of and against. Supporters of the regime say that the baby is not yet able to understand how much he needs, and can overeat. And this can be the cause of colic, in the future such a child will get used to all problems to seize and sit around to the parents. But more and more people are becoming supporters of the opposite point of view.

Benefits of breastfeeding on demand

Breastfeeding on demand:

How often do I need to feed on demand?

The first months after birth the baby needs a breast not only for nutrition. The kid has got used nine months to be in contact to mum, and consequently at any discomfort to it it is required to suck a breast. At this time, he calms down, relaxes, it is easier for him to fall asleep, pee and poke. Therefore, feeding at the request of the child in the first 2-3 months can go up to 20 times a day. Sometimes a child sucks 2-3 minutes and throws a chest, maybe he just needed to drink or feel contact with his mother. Another time, he can suck for more than an hour and even sleep with the chest in his mouth.

Often, moms are interested in how old an on-demand feeding is. Usually, after three months, the baby himself sets the regime that he needs. It is recommended not to interrupt breastfeeding abruptly, but to feed as much as the baby himself needs. Most often, after one and a half to two years, the children themselves give up their breasts.

Every young mother who wants to raise a healthy baby should know that breast milk is the best meal for him for half a year. And that there were no problems with its development and with the health of the baby, from the first days of the child's life he needs breastfeeding on demand.