Plucking eyebrows with a thread

Any girl is very important to have beautiful eyebrows . Even an ideal make-up is not able to hide a sloppy eyebrow shape, so it's very important that they are elegant.

Today, all women know that eyebrows are plucked by tweezers and only a few of them remember the old way to make eyebrows neat and beautiful. Eastern women have been using this method since ancient times. It's about removing the eyebrows with a thread.

Advantages of removing eyebrows with a thread

Thread as a tool for tweaking eyebrows is very effective. Unlike tweezers, it is more sparing with respect to the hairs, so they do not grow as thick as after tweezing with tweezers. In addition, when tweezing eyebrows with a thread, not only unwanted hairs are removed, but also dead skin particles, which improves the appearance of the eyebrows, making them more aesthetic and well-groomed.

Another significant advantage of plucking eyebrows with a thread is obtaining an ideal shape of the eyebrows , which is difficult to obtain using other methods. You can also say about the cheapness of this method and its availability. In addition, plucking with a thread has another very important advantage - it is a relatively large period between treatments, since the hairs do not break and are plucked together with the roots.

How to properly tweeze eyebrows thread?

Despite the many advantages of this method, it can cause harm if you do not follow the instructions. When performing this procedure, the thread is directly in contact with the skin, so it is very important not to harm or provoke the infection. So, before you start to twist your eyebrows with a thread, you need to prepare:

  1. Means for disinfection (alcohol can be used).
  2. Thread of natural cotton.

The first stage . If you have a low threshold of pain, then you'd better before the procedure to freeze the eyebrow area with ice or use the opposite method - to steam out the skin. This can be done with a towel soaked in hot water. The heat will expand the pores and the hairs will be plucked less painfully.

The second stage is disinfection. In order to avoid infection, it is necessary to disinfect not only the skin, but also the thread itself. It is advisable to practice pulling out the thread in a different, less prominent place before starting the procedure, since this method is considered difficult and requires training.

The third stage . After disinfection it is necessary to prepare a thread and eyebrows. In order for the thread to have easy access to the hairs, they need to be combed upward, towards the forehead. Next, take a thread about 60 centimeters long and tie its tips together. Cut four fingers of one hand together and throw a thread on them, while the thumb should remain free. Take the other end with your free hand. With the fingers twisted, make several movements so that the thread is twisted in the middle ten times. Thus, your thread must take the form "X", only with tied ends.

The fourth stage . At this stage of preparation is over and further it is necessary to transgress directly to the procedure itself. Bring the twisted string to the eyebrow so that they touch. Next, draw two fingers on one hand and spread two fingers on the other hand. The result of your manipulations should be drawing the hairs into small spaces between the threads.

The fifth stage . After you remove the eyebrows, the skin needs to be reassured, because, unlike tweezers, the thread pulls a few hairs at once, so the skin will remain slightly inflamed for the next 30 minutes after the procedure. As a sedative, you can use a chilled compress or ice. This procedure can be considered finished.

Now, knowing how to properly pinch the eyebrows with a thread, you can use the thread and to correct the eyebrows.