Trimming labia

As well as male circumcision of the prepuce, there is female circumcision of the labia. Such a plastic surgery is quite common now. The indication for such a surgical intervention is the large size of the labia minora. In the normal state, they are covered with large labia to avoid infection from outside. The cause of the removal may be any shortcomings of this genital organ, congenital or acquired, because of which a woman feels physical or moral discomfort.

Operation to cut labia in women

The most common are operations to correct asymmetry of the labia and reduce their size. Before the surgical intervention the patient must definitely pass the tests and visit the gynecologist. The operation for circumcising the labia minora is performed in one day: after a few hours after the operation the woman can go home.

The procedure is prescribed after or a week before menstruation. The operation for cutting the labia lasts about 1.5 hours. Everything is done under local anesthesia, the woman does not experience any pain. Stitches are superimposed with a special material that dissolves itself. Scars after surgery do not remain. Also in some countries, full circumcision of the labia is practiced.

Recommendations for a woman after a surgery

The circumcised labia may become swollen, therefore, after surgery, a woman should be at rest for at least the first two days. On the average, the edema is 4-5 days. Also, the joints should be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, use napkins after visiting the toilet, lubricate the seams with an antiseptic cream.

Within two months, you must refuse to visit the pool, sauna, do not use tampons, limit exercise and sex, do not wear synthetic or underwear underwear, which is smaller in size, carefully monitor intimate hygiene . Attention should be paid to the seams on the labia, they should not become wet and better covered with sterile napkins.

As well as before any plastic surgery, one should reasonably weigh the need for carrying out this procedure. Is this required for women's health or for purely aesthetic purposes.