Extra dressing of cucumber seedlings

If you decide to grow seedlings of cucumbers, you should take care of its feeding in advance. It is very important for the future harvest.

It is performed several times, therefore, in order to obtain a positive result from its use, it is necessary to know which fertilizer is best for cucumbers to use at each stage. How to do it, and most importantly - than, we will tell in this article.

First of all, it should be clarified, then there is a difference in the feeding of plants grown in different places.

Cucumber dressing for growing outdoors

The first fertilizing is carried out after the appearance of 2 real leaves (about 2 weeks after the growth of sprouts). For her, you can dilute the mullein (1: 8), the chicken droppings (1:10) or make a solution of the preparations "Fertility", "Feeder" or "Ideal" (1 tablespoon per 10 liters). The fertilizer consumption is 100-130 ml per sprout.

Next time you will have to feed before landing in the ground. To do this, we plant a teaspoon of nitrofossi and Kemira-Lux in a bucket of water. After a few days (7-10), it is recommended to fertilize with a solution of urea or ammonium nitrate by spraying plants.

Top dressing of cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse

Begin to make fertilizer is 10 days after germination of seeds. To do this, make a solution of the organic preparation ("Effetona" or "Humate of sodium"), diluting 1 tablespoon in 10 liters of water. Or you can dilute in a proportion of 1:10 mullein or bird droppings.

The next feeding should be done after 10 days, using for this nitrophofus or "Kemira-Lux" preparation. Dilute in 10 liters of water will need only 1 teaspoon of fertilizer.

The rules of fertilizing for cucumbers:

  1. After each fertilization, the seedlings should be well watered.
  2. Carry out feeding better early in the morning or in the evening.
  3. It is undesirable for the solution to fall on the leaves and stem.

It is impossible to say exactly which fertilizing is best for cucumbers, the main thing is to follow the sequence: the first - organic fertilizer, and the second - mineral fertilizer.