Surface bulbite

Bulbit - an inflammatory process in the bulb of the duodenum. This part of the organ is located just between the intestine and the stomach. Food clots get here first. Surface bulbite is the first, easiest form of the inflammatory process. It is believed that it is with this ailment that the diseases of the stomach and duodenum begin to develop.

Causes and symptoms of superficial bulbitis

To develop this disease, enough of these factors:

As a rule, superficial bulbitis of the duodenum is manifested by rumbling in the abdomen . The patient is constantly overcome by a strong feeling of hunger. Patients also suffer from general weakness, nausea, increased irritability. Pain with bulbite too. They arise either on an empty stomach, or the field of food intake.

Treatment of superficial bulbit

If the treatment is started in time, after a few days, positive changes will be visible, and the patient will feel much better. Nevertheless, immediately after this, therapy can not be stopped. To be treated it is necessary longly, that in a short time the illness or disease has not returned again.

To combat chronic surface bulbitis use:

Since inflammation in the bulbite develops due to Helicobacter pylori or worms , therapy must necessarily assume the use of antibacterial or anthelmintic drugs.

The extent to which superficial bulbitis is to be treated depends largely on the patient himself. During the rehabilitation period it is very important to comply with all the prescriptions of doctors:

  1. You can not smoke and drink alcohol.
  2. The diet should be changed. Eliminate all irritant dishes from it. There is need only an easy-to-digest, unheated food.
  3. It is very important to protect the health of the nervous system: do not overstrain yourself, do not get nervous, get enough sleep.

Not bad with the treatment of superficial bulbits cope with folk remedies. Juice of plantain is especially useful. It should be mixed with honey and drink 50 mg before meals. This remedy removes inflammation and accelerates the regeneration of cells in the mucosa.