Paste from duck liver - recipe

Unlike the traditional pate of chicken liver, pate from the liver of duck is much more fat, and also has a rich taste. Such a product is unlikely to fit for daily use, but for a celebration it is not ideal to find snacks.

Paste from duck liver



Cut the film and veins with the duck liver. In a frying pan, heat a third of 250 g of butter and fry it chopped shallots and chopped garlic for 3-4 minutes. After the time has elapsed, we increase the heat and add to the frying pan the pieces of liver. As soon as the liver turns golden on all sides, we pour the port into the frying pan, quickly evaporate it and put the remaining oil. We remove the frying pan from the fire and leave its contents to cool completely.

Before you put the liver in a blender, carefully season it with salt and pepper, add the tomato puree and whisk everything until smooth. The resulting mass is grinded through a sieve for greater uniformity.

Put the duck pate into a mold and pour the melted 10 grams of butter until the butter is frozen, decorate the snack with peas of black pepper and twigs of thyme.

Duck pie - recipe



In the frying pan, put the sliced ​​bacon and heat it out of it. Pieces of bacon are removed from the frying pan, and on the melted fat fry finely chopped onions until transparent. Add the chopped garlic, thyme, bits of bacon and pre-cleaned and chopped liver to onions. As soon as the liver is covered with a golden crust, pour it with wine and continue cooking until the liquid evaporates.

Cool the roasted liver and put it in the blender bowl. Whisk the liver until smooth, filling the cream and adding a couple slices of butter. So, gradually adding butter, continue to beat the pate until it becomes absolutely smooth. For more uniformity it can be wiped through a sieve.

Keep the pate in a sealed jar, or in the form, after cooking, fill it with melted butter.

How to make duck pâté with oranges?



In a frying pan, melt 15 g of butter and fry the liver on it in portions until golden brown for 4-5 minutes. Before roasting, do not forget to clean the pieces from the films and live. Cooled liver and all the juice, which was released during the frying, is transferred to the blender bowl.

For another 15 g of butter, fry chopped onion and garlic. As soon as the onion becomes soft, add to it a zest and juice of an orange. Finish cooking by adding orange liqueur and black pepper. Now the contents of the frying pan can be added to the blender to the liver, and then whisk everything to homogeneity, in portions, put the remaining butter. Ready pate spread in the form, completely cool and pour melted butter, then cool again until it completely hardens.

Ready pate is served with slices of baguette, croutons or crackers. Bon Appetit!