Nations Square

Geneva is one of the most important points on the world map and almost the largest city in Switzerland . Important political and diplomatic events once occurred on the right bank of the Rhone. It is not a secret for anyone that Geneva is closely connected with the activities of an organization such as the League of Nations. There are even some famous sights in the city that relate to this fact. And one of such busy and popular places in Geneva is the Nations Square.

What is interesting about the Nations Square in Geneva?

Its unique name is due to the alley, along which flags of different countries rise. It is designed to symbolize the desire for unity and mutual assistance. At night, the alley is illuminated with decorative lanterns, which makes this spectacle interesting and fascinating.

A landmark in the Place des Nations in Geneva is a monument in the form of a chair with a broken leg. This world-famous architectural structure carries a certain semantic load and makes you think about the hard life of soldiers affected by infantry mines and bomb cartridges. A broken chair was installed in the distant 1997, and was originally meant as a temporary structure. However, with the support of citizens this monument reliably settled on the Plaza of Nations in Geneva. By the way, sculpture is still used in various public actions and unique political performances.

The main attraction of the square is the Palais des Nations . This is the whole complex of buildings in which the European branch of the United Nations and many other international organizations are located. Annually various conferences, concerts, exhibitions are held here. The entrance is open to all comers, and tourists can even conduct a small excursion, the object of study of which will be numerous and diverse halls with a rich history.

A very eloquent and momentous moment is an artillery cannon on the Square of Nations. It is aimed at the Palais des Nations, but the barrel is tied with a knot. This vivid anti-war symbol is intended to remind all the powers that have this world of how disastrous a war can be.

Despite all the metaphorical significance of the structures located on the Square of Nations, this place is popular among the townspeople and is popular with visitors. There is a huge fountain here, its numerous streams of water beat right from under the ground, through small grilles. The central part of the square is decorated with granite and marble slabs. Along the entire perimeter are cozy shops, there is a small park area. In the shade of local broadleaf trees it is very comfortable to hide from heat and sun. Also the beauty of the Square of Nations is added by a colorful flowerbed, which in its form and content resembles a dial of a watch.

How to get there?

It will not be difficult to find the Nations Square in Geneva. By public transport, you can get here by bus. Routes 5 and 11 will take you to the Palais des Nations. By the same stop you can get on tram number 13 and 15.